Josh Mason                   

An Anxious Host
Aug 2023

An anxious host is described / A grift is detailed / One man’s trash is another man’s garbage / Skull of Cortázar / The aftermath of post office arson is described / The sunken cost is detailed / Goes reptile / The other side of the coin of the confession of the medievalist / Cart dog / Tired to the bone / Spanish House is described

Late one night, in a dimly lit supper club, down some one-way street of the mind, a gathering takes place: a broken painter, a magical realist, a wayward anthropologist, a burgeoning essayist, an exhausted musician—they sit together, for what is likely the first time in a history, to discuss all manner of antagonistic positions toward mechanism, protean natures, tyrannical temperaments and, perhaps above all else — What is value?

For Norm.

Label Students Of Decay (US)
Edition 300—Black
Mastered by Kassian Troyer
Art and Design by Josh Mason
Photography by Carolyn Mason
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My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.