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A Reliquary
Oct 2022

Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic

Careless approval without examination, and a subsequent deception for want of warning. Honors rendered to sampler detritus—the bones and dust of pilgrims and martyrs; of thieves and asses—enclosed in a vessel with candles lit before it.

Art and Sound by Josh Mason
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Utility Music
Sep 2021

Newport, 5 July, 1969 / Juan-les-Pins, 25 July, 1969 / New York, 20 August, 1969 / Copenhagen, 4 November, 1969 / San Francisco, 9 April, 1970

Westheimer's Discovery: A couple of months in the laboratory can frequently save a couple hours in the library.

Utility Music is the result of a year long exploration of a Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer system of my own planning, beginning on January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019. It was my attempt to learn more about the foundational building blocks of synthesis and to explore the idea that interesting and compelling synthesizer-based music can be realized without the aid of modern DSP and "shiny" hardware within the format.

The final audio portion of the project is a mosaic assembled from these weekly stems. Accompanying the CD is a 72 pg. perfect-bound book containing further information on the project as well as weekly point-to-point patch notes and insights into process.

Edition 3 (50, 50, 75)
Artwork, Writing and Design by Josh Mason
Technical Assistance Andrew Weathers
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On The Brink
w/ Nathan McLaughlin
Feb 2017

Markers & Surveys (I-VI)

Failure, or perhaps more accurately, the possibility of failure, provides one with unique perspective. Better to cash out, or to ramp up right to the edge of possibility and chance? On The Brink is our first true collaboration - we traveled together with the wind on our faces, holes in our shoes and short that one layer that can provide the necessary comforts we tend to rely upon. Raw nerves, biting hunger and a drive to see the unknown corners kept us moving forward. We can offer these markers and surveys as proof of our trip and as evidence of what lies slightly beyond our immediate purview but with a combined effort - within reach.

—Nathan McLaughlin

Label Eilean (FR)
by Seth Chrisman
by Martin Vlach
by Rémi Verdier
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My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.