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A Reliquary
Oct 2022

Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic / Relic

Careless approval without examination, and a subsequent deception for want of warning. Honors rendered to sampler detritus—the bones and dust of pilgrims and martyrs; of thieves and asses—enclosed in a vessel with candles lit before it.

Art and Sound by Josh Mason
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Utility Music
Sep 2021

Newport, 5 July, 1969 / Juan-les-Pins, 25 July, 1969 / New York, 20 August, 1969 / Copenhagen, 4 November, 1969 / San Francisco, 9 April, 1970

Westheimer's Discovery: A couple of months in the laboratory can frequently save a couple hours in the library.

Utility Music is the result of a year long exploration of a Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer system of my own planning, beginning on January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019. It was my attempt to learn more about the foundational building blocks of synthesis and to explore the idea that interesting and compelling synthesizer-based music can be realized without the aid of modern DSP and "shiny" hardware within the format.

The final audio portion of the project is a mosaic assembled from these weekly stems. Accompanying the CD is a 72 pg. perfect-bound book containing further information on the project as well as weekly point-to-point patch notes and insights into process.

Edition 3 (50, 50, 75)
Artwork, Writing and Design by Josh Mason
Technical Assistance Andrew Weathers

Recreación Segura
Feb 2021

Water Closed To Public / High Hazard / Medium Hazard / Low Hazard / Stinging Marine Life 

I needed to eat breakfast, and I needed to get home—except I can't actually go home anymore. It's all been carried away, and the voice of mind trembles upon recital of this certitude.

And so I find myself itinerant and uncertain; a foreign body. An Idiot, combing a new coast for shards of that old one that may have washed ashore, no matter how woolly salt and separation have left them to be.

But back in the city, accounts of the hour jitter and diverge: Big Jim bellows, signaling St. John's to toll, and when a plastic wristwatch chimes, it occurs to me, and only then, that this new dialect—does actually have a familiar cadence.

Art and Sound by Josh Mason
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The Computer Has Been Drinking
Sept 2020

Boot / Opinions Of An Ocean Based On Experiences In A Pool / FPS Cloth / The Computer Has Been Drinking / Symbol For Number / Casualty Of The Edit Wars / Segment / SOL Chair / F Chair / SOC Chair / Fun With Heresies /~1 / Screen Job / Jones  / The Number You Have Dialed Is Imaginary

A spiritual companion, that no one asked for, to Nathan McLaughlin's The Refrigerator Is Emotional︎︎︎

The computer has been drinking,
And we let it.
It cradles our histories
In however many millions of colors,
And we forgive.
It hears us, though we do not hear ourselves,
And we forget.
It groans under the weight
Of our petulance,
And we simply do not care.
It cries for help (remind me later.)
It screams for a surge (go to sleep.)

Edition 50
by Andrew Weathers
Artwork and Design
by Josh Mason
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Cassette, Digital

My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.