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Coquina Dose
Mar 2019

Crack The Juice Code / Clock In / Key Blight / Pollen Lung / m751 / Condos / Hermitic Chime / Skate Case / Pelagic Scout Badge / (jason drumming)

Coquina Dose is the book on your nightstand under a lamp with a 40 watt bulb. It’s driving alone at night up and down the strip looking for a pool to crash. It’s the endless lights of luxury, hotels, oceanfront dining. It’s dogs barking, the wind off the water, dead friends, and sunsets that are no longer free. Everything humming, everything buzzing. It’s a new day, in the same circuit. Short interesting rides, followed by a loss of momentum. Notes of grass, lychee, pineapple, burnt sugar.

Label Florabelle (NY)
by James Plotkin
by Josh Mason
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Pacific Distro
Tobira Records (JP)︎︎︎

EU Distro
Objects+Sounds (BE)︎︎︎
SoundOhm (IT)︎︎︎

NA Distro
Florabelle Records (US)︎︎︎

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