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Hellified Irie
Jun 2015

Century Ambulance / Florida Light & Power II / Wavewalker / Timecode Beach / Continued On Chart 11484 / Warp Thing / Joy Will Not Protect You

Hellified Irie, at it’s core, is a ‘surf’ record both in tone and concept. Continuing ideas laid out in Timecode Beach, there is a focus on change and adaptation. One minute you’re riding a wave and the next you’re bobbing, waiting for the next set with your mind wandering to who knows where and when. As adults, we often do not have the luxury of embracing that drift.

The style and sound of the recording is an homage to the guitar-centric bands of the mid 60’s such as the Ventures and The Challengers as well as compositional techniques found in Smile-era Beach Boys material, which lends itself nicely to that theme of changing gears. Like a Wallace Stevens poem, it’s a meditative and philosophical sound. A sonic discourse from a deckchair that skates a line between imagination and the reality of every day.

The accompanying 70 pg. book contains found images and personal photos (taken with a disposable camera that fell into a pool,) as well as recollections of the recording process, the concept of home, the weather of the mind, and family.

Label FET Press (NY)
by Seth Chrisman
Artwork, Writing and Design
by Josh Mason
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Book, Digital

My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.