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Feb 2020

My grandmother passed away in the afternoon on July 24, 2016. (which is also my wife’s birthday) I lost my grandfather two years later on February 21st. She was born in the morning on June 5 (which is the day before my birthday) in 1921 and he on April 27th of that same year. After growing up in a small town in South Carolina, where most of the population at the time never left home, they were married when my grandfather, who was a lieutenant in the Air Force, returned home in November of 1945 – and from then till 1971, the traveled from duty station to duty station, all around the continental US, the Panama Canal Zone, and most importantly, The Pacific Rim.

The sounds presented here are a loose take on a Hawaiian vamp (also thought of as a turnaround in jazz music) in C. This usually small section of music is often used as a staging area between one section of music and the next. For me, this serves as a connecting bridge between the time I knew with them and the time I’ll spend without them. The length of the piece follows the timing of a typical progression of this sort, in that the first two chords span an equal amount of time and the third spans the same time as the first two combined. So, instead of 2 counts + 2 counts + 4 counts, it's expanded and interpreted as 5 + 5 + 10 minute sections respectively, to allow one time to live in each.

My family fostered my creativity, spurred on my imagination. They taught me which tools were right for which jobs. They were the embodiment of generosity – and they were my friends.

For John and Elsie, whom I loved.

Label Longform Editions (AUS)
by Seth Chrisman
Artwork and Design
by Mark Gowing
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My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.