Josh Mason                   

Alone In The Kingdom
Mar 2015

Bored In The Kingdom / Alone In The Kingdom / Contaminated Time / No Computer 

A rumination on human interactions in a digital world. Alone In The Kingdom was created entirely by digital means and presents a lonely and isolated take on modern relationships.

We would miss out on things all the time, and be better people because of it. There didn’t used to be a need to know. No urgency. No emergency. You knew only what you needed to know in that moment, and the Marble kept spinning. I can no longer remember what it was like to be lost in a moment. To be surprised and confused by my own ignorance. Once in a while you’d run into someone by chance. You’d stumble upon treasure.

Label Sunshine Ltd. (FL)
Artwork and Design
by Josh Mason
Filed under:
Cassette, Digital

My wristwatch is broken, but my life is repaired.