Josh Mason
Selected Audio Works

"I grew up on a barrier island in a small town on the east coast of Florida and I have very specific memories of this place and the people there. Timecode Beach is a musing on a location crisis and issues relating to a 'past-negative/positive' time perspective.

I remember distinctly the breeze whipping through the fence slats. The buzzing of insects as the sun set. The sound of sprinkler heads and lawnmowers. Fumbling around on the bass trying to learn Yes' "Heart Of The Sunrise." Making poor decisions regarding my relationships with others. All of these things take me back to very specific mental states. As an adult, I experience similar occurrences and instead of making new connections, I recall the old and familiar ones instead. Here, I wanted to paint these pictures sonically and capture those feelings in an attempt to move forward. This record collects very specific interactions with those people and places and compiles them into a 'day in the life of' beginning in the morning (Petals Too Tired To), moving on through early afternoon/dusk (Magic Hour Insects), shifting to night with the interlude (100% Humidity) and ending with the following morning (Dawn Patrol)"

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Edition 50

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Feb 23 2013